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Understanding term life
Choosing a life insurance plan
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Understanding Term Life:
What about replacing existing life?
Are you paying too much?
Price points and cost per dollar
Top 10 tips to help you save on term
Tax benefits for life insurance
Final Expenses and term
Cheap term life
Purchasing term life
Insurance Basics
Term life uses
Term life rates
Risk and Term "" Life Insurance
Affordable term life coverage
Without life insurance
life insurance rates
Online term life
The benefits of Level term
Mortality rates and life
Actuarial data
Probability and life
Insuring Minors
Term life as part of medical plan
Creating an immediate estate
Common needs for life insurance
Life insurance as property
Life insurance Glossary
Guaranteed Renewable
Increasing life insurance benefit
Secure Credit with term life

How are rates determined?
Term in tough times
Consumer Protection
Life Insurance intro
Declining life insurance
Over insuring life needs
Temporary life insurance
Adverse Selection
Life insurance as a commodity
Constability Clause
Suicide Clause

Viatical Settlements
Market Share
Age and term life rates
Using term life to pay mortgage
Term life as asset
Replacing income
Department of Insurance
Term insurance costs
Inflation and term rates
term life for babies
Big 4 Reasons
Why anyone would buy Whole Life?
Scenario #1 - New Baby
Scenario #2 - New Marriage

Do term life rates go up?
Life insurance market
Life insurance as commodity
Definition of term life
Does this ever make sense and when?
Maybe.  Let's find out how to tell
There can be discounts based on the amount of coverage
Some insight from years of being a life insurance agent
There are significant tax benefits with life insurance
Term can handle the final expenses well
Find out how to find cheap insurance that will work
A quick walkthrough the process of buying coverage
A quick look at how insurance really works
Some common uses for term life benefits
Everything you wanted to know about rates
Misunderstanding probability and risk can cost you
A quick look at how to get the most affordable coverage
What's happens if you don't have coverage
A quick walkthrough an agent's search for the best rates
Online shopping for term life is a perfect match
Level life insurance accurately addresses the needs
Find out how mortality rates drive premiums
Understand actuary to better understand life rates
Don't let our misunderstanding of probability delay you
Does it make sense to insure minors with life policies?
Does it make sense to get term life through your health
A huge benefit of term life is the creation of an estate
Some basics needs that life insurance addresses
The benefits of property without all the hassles
Important terms to help you understand your options
This protects you in case your health changes
A quick look at the Increasing term life option
The business use of term to secure credit
A quick look at your "risk profile" in the world of life
The advantages of term when finances turn downward
Find out how you're protected in the life insurance market
A quick and simple look at what to consider
Does it make sense to look at declining benefit plans?
The dangers of buying too much life coverage
Protection while you're still in underwriting
If it's too good to be true, then it probably is
The commoditization of the life market is good for you
Avoid this by being honest and thorough
Prevents Adverse Selection and increasing rates!
A quick look at these transactions
Bigger isn't necessarily better
Find out why age affects your term life rates
Find out how term is ideally suited for the mortgage
Tax free status makes it one of the best
The most common use of term life
Advocate for insurance consumers
Understanding what make up the costs
There's good news and there's bad news
Does it make sense?
What drives decision to get term life
We're not sure why anyone would buy it
A new baby definitely brings up the need for life insurance
A new marriage drives the need to protect spouse
Not for the duration of your term
A quick look at the market
The life market has become more transparent
What's exactly is it?

Choosing a Life Insurance Plan

How much Term life is enough?
Picking the right term of insurance
Understanding Life insurance premium
Understanding the carrier ratings
How to break down term life quote
Age effect on term life pricing

Shopping online for life policies
Which plans are included in quote
Compare life insurance
Types of term life plans
5 year term life
10 year term life

15 year term life insurance
20 year term life
30 year term length

How to buy term life
Hybrid life
Best time to buy life
Underinsuring life needs
Life insurance for pilots
Life insurance for seniors and elderly
3 types of term insurance coverage
Avoid 1 Company Sites
Quote and Adjust Strategy
Term Life for Caretakers
Combining term life policies
Term Life for Non-working Spouse
Finding life insurance quote
Why term life rates
What is the RIGHT amount of term coverage?
How should you look at the length of coverage?
A quick look at what drives your term life premiums
The carrier ratings made easy (is that possible??)
A look at what to expect with your term life results
The cost of waiting and alive and...not so well
A user's guide to shopping for life insurance
How does the engine determine which plans to quote
What's important when comparing the various plans?
Level, increasing, decreasing term and more
5 year works well for specific short-term needs
10 year is the shortest length that works for some needs
Now we're getting into more traditional long term needs
A popular starting point when running your quote
Traditionally the longest available term on the market
Important considerations when buying coverage
Maybe the best of both worlds is here
The simple answer is as soon as possible
Penny wise and pound foolish applies here
Find out about your options if you fly
Health eligibility and cost become the key concern
Traditional, Hybrid, and Non-medical
Make sure to keep your options open
A little tip on meeting your budget
Don't forget the other spouse
Additional term life at the best rate
Don't forget the other spouse
Tips on finding best life insurance
How can carriers offer different rates for same coverage

Enrolling in a Life Insurance Plan

Understanding beneficiaries
What is process to apply for term life?
The life insurance underwriting process
Avoid common application issues
Declinable conditions and term
Effective Dates
A paramedical walk-through
HIPAA Authorization
MIB (Medical Information Bureau)
Backdating effective dates
The term life paramedical exam
How long does the process take?
Important information needed to apply
Modal factors and your payment
Underwriting highlights
Application fees
Get started with term life
Quick tips on how to correctly designate beneficiaries
You found the right plan...now what?
What to look forward to once you've applied
Some items to watch out for on term applications
What conditions may pose a problems to qualifying
Key tips on the importance of your effective date
Step by step through the process
What does the HIPAA form really do?
Ominous sounding but it saves you money
Does this backdating strategy make sense for you?
Find out how to take your best Paramedical exam
Let's take a look at what you can expect in time

What info should you have ready?
How often you pay affects how much you pay
What are the issues that can affect your rates
Understand application and enrollment fees
An antidote to procrastination



Filing a life insurance claim
Policy payment options
State Guarantee Funds
Life insurance rescission

Life insurance renewal
Settlement options for life benefits
Grace Period
Cancelling your life policy
Lump Sum benefit payout
Policy delivery
Avoid the Payout Option
How Often Review Policy
Divorce and Life Insurance
Term Life and Newlyweds
Lifestyle Changes
When Term Policy Ends
Hopefully you never have to but we're to help if you do
Different payment options can affect how much you pay
Guarantee funds can help protect up to certain amount
The word you never want to hear
Renewal is a good time to re-evaluate your life policy
How will the benefit be paid out
A payment safety net but don't get comfortable with it
Important considerations before cancelling a policy
The default payment option
Important tips for a smooth enrollment
Make sure the money is in your account
Make sure they have the correct info
Make sure to review your policy after divorce
Big changes require checking your policy
What if you pick up skydiving later on?
Time to re-evaluate insurance needs


Term life riders
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Waiver of Premium

Non forfeiture option
Return of Premium Rider
Living Benefit Rider
Find out if common term life riders are a good value
Let's look at AD&D with more detail
A look at this common whole life option
Non forfeiture deals with total disability
Can you have the coverage and get your money back?
The ability to access benefits with a terminal illness

Life Insurance Companies

Type of life carriers
Banner Life OpTerm
Mutual life companies
Genworth Sure Term life plans
Life insurance companies
ING TermSmart
Fidelity Rapid Reponse Term
Transamerica Trendsetter Super
Is Mutual or Stock better for life insurance?
A competitive term life carrier that easier than most
Mutual life companies are a competitive option
A strong carrier with an easy application...Genworth
Let's look at companies and what's important
A popular and well-priced term life plan
Welcome to the future of life insurance
Financial strength in spades


Qualifying for Term Life

Health and qualifying for term life
Height and weight effect on term life
Smoking and term life eligibility
Carrier's health class designations
High risk life insurance

Hazardous Occupations and Hobbies
Preferred Rate Risk Class
Standard Risk Health Class
Driving record
Cholesterol and eligibility
Nicorette and qualifying

BMI or Body Mass Index
Diabetes and life insurance
Life insurance for Pilots
Lengthy Term Life Processing
Mental health and eligibility
How is health view when applying for term life
Is height and weight a consideration when applying?
You can get term life if a smoker...but at a higher price
How health class status is determined
If health is an issue, high risk plans may offer a back-up
What about that job clearing explosives?
Just below the Best health risk
What about what's usually the lowest health class
Driving records and qualifying
Find out how the carriers look at cholesterol
Options for people that use Nicorette
A new look at weight and it's important in qualifying
Find out if you can qualify as a diabetic
Flying shouldn't keep you out of the insurance market
It's good to know what to expect
Find out how it affects your term life options


Business Use of Term

Buy Sell and Term life
Key Employee life insurance
Term life for employees
Group versus Individual life insurance

Dependent life through employer
Term life to secure loan
A key business use of term life to protect partners
Protect against the loss of a key employee
Group term life is inexpensive and very popular
How should you compare employer sponsored life
Does it make sense to buy dependent life coverage?
Ideal use for small business and partners


Whole versus Term

Term life and investing
Why Term life insurance makes sense
How is Term different from Whole Life
Whole life insurance
Cash values
One strategy to combine term life and investing/saving
The many (translated dollars) benefits of term life
The old term - whole life debate boiled down
A quick look at whole life and how it works
A common component of whole life policies



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