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What's involved when purchasing term life insurance

A quick look at what to expect from the process

So you're in the new position of needing to purchase term life insurance.  It's not a common purchase so the new terminology can be overwhelming.  Term life is actually a lot simpler than other types of insurance but let's do a quick walkthrough of the basics so we can enter the market in a position of confidence.

What prompts most people to look at purchasing term life insurance?  It's usually a realization brought on by situations close to a person.  A common example is the birth of a first (or second) child.  All of a sudden, there's the realization that if something were to happen to one of the parents or the main earner for the family, the remaining spouse and especially the children would be in a predicament for a long time to come.   Another trigger can be the purchase of a first house.  As great as that is, it comes along with a very long-term financial obligation.  Thirty years is a long time!  The combination of a new baby and a new house is the one-two bunch that usually spurs a resulting, "Hey, I need some life insurance".  This is the typical scenario although there are others that lead people to the same realization.  So now that you "need" life insurance...what's next?

If you're like millions of Americans, your first inclination is to go online and research (which is probably how you found us outside of the many referals we get).  This is a new and welcomed trend.  It's so much easier!   We remember the old way and it involved you going to insurance agent's office or worst yet, them coming to your home.  You sit down around a table with dozens of pages of numbers and pictures with smiling faces designed to entice you into this or that plan.  It was a lengthy and arduous process.  The rates took time to calculate as the agent would take a base rate....I won't bother you with the details but it was not fun, fast, or enjoyable.  Skip 10 years ahead and everything has changed.  The carriers have really fine-tuned term life insurance to a point that's a commodity which means, very similar from carrier to carrier and plan to plan.  You can now go online and get an instant quote through our term life insurance quote engine.  You'll fine multiple carriers with various plans and quotes all side by side.  This really is a whole new way of doing business.  It puts the power and information in your hands.  We firmly believe this is the right approach.  Some life insurance agents want to maintain control and steer people to one plan/carrier or the other.  Why??  I personally don't know.  Ultimately, we want our customer to be in the very best priced plan with a strong carrier...period.  As we discussed in our Agent ethics and responsibility article, we would hope someone would do the same for us. 

Some websites still try to trap you with emails and phone number requests up front and then they contact you later with the quote...maybe a vestige of the old way of doing business around the table.  Annoying and unneeded.  We don't think this is the right way to go and so you can get your instant quote on any page at etermlifeinsurancequote.com.  You won't have to fill out some form and wait to get your quote.  We have provided (and continue to add) as much information as possible to help you really understand term life insurance to depth that you choose to.  From our term life article listing page, you can learn and research any element of the term life process or plan from the point of view of our years of experience.  You'll notice that we DO NOT recommend the most expensive types of life insurance (I wouldn't buy it for my family) in our term versus whole life article and we explain why.  It's like having a friend in the business and believe me, you need one when purchasing term life insurance.

So once you've taken advantage of our online tools to quote, compare, and find the best term life rate and plan for yourself, we then help as your licensed term life insurance broker with the the life application process and beyond.   Filling out insurance application (including term life) is never fun but we'll help guide you along the away as successfully completing the application can save you from serious regrets later on.  

Hopefully, we can make purchasing term life insurance a process that you come out of with confidence, satisfaction, and most importantly...an affordable term life insurance policy that fits your needs! 


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