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When you run a search on google for anything Term life insurance related, the websites start coming out of the woodworks.  Every linguistic take on "term life" is out there and our own etermlifeinsurancequote.com isn't exactly winning any awards on succinct and catchy names.  The "Amazon"'s and "Ebay"'s were all taken.  We decided that there were other things more important than the name such as providing instant quotes to all the major carriers fast, easy, and for free.  We felt this combined with a focus on impartial guidance would out-weigh our lengthy name.  Judging by our customer response, we guessed right.  So back to our term life insurance search.  Lots of sites pop up.  We wanted to pass on what is probably the biggest advise we can come up with.  It's probably in a consumer's interest to avoid a 1 brand shop.  Let's talk a little further about why that's true.

When you scan through the various sites, take a look at the URL or the actual website...ie.  www.etermlifeinsurancequote.com   See, the title doesn't tell you too much since they all basically say term life insurance quote with they cursory additions of "affordable" and the like.  The URL actually tells you more of who is behind the website.  Some are brokers like us but others are the actual carrier themselves.  If their millions of dollars in marketing (advertising, tv spots, even superbowl ads) have worked and we're sure they have, then you'll recognize the big life insurance carriers.  They're all there, scattered throughout the first couple of Google pages since after all, they are gigantic companies...usually Fortune 500 behemoths with big buildings in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco.

This is the problem.  When you click on their site and run a quote, it's safe to say that they will only show you their term life insurance rates and benefits.  Maybe I'm naive and a purist about the power of the internet but doesn't that defeat the purpose of the last 15 years?  How is that different than the old school situation where a guy in a3 piece suit sits across from you in the dining room with reams of brochures, rates, and a little protractor thrown in to impress you.  The point of the internet was to bring all the information to you.  To erase the barriers that use to exist, separating you from your hard earned cash.  Well, to some extent, if you are going to 1 pony show directly to the carrier, you're back in the Stone Ages.  Watch out for the protractor...it's SHARP!

Look, the carriers will have a range of options and there's something that feels good about the name of a large company  but today, you can have it both way.  When you go to our site to run term life insurance quotes, guess what.  All those big companies are there...all under one tent and here's a little secret...the rate is IDENTICAL to what you would get if you went directly to their site.  As independent brokers, we offer the same plans and same rates that the carriers or any other broker for matter, can offer.  More importantly, there are subtle (and not so subtle) difference in benefits, options, and rates between the carriers.  You really need to see them side by side for your particular information to make sure you get the absolute best term life insurance plan and rate.  Why pay extra for a 1 pony show when there's free zoo right next door.



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