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Term life insurance agent ethics

Our responsibilities as your licensed agent

Term life insurance agents have important responsibilities which we take very seriously.  It can make all the difference when shopping for term life insurance to have a trusted advisor to guide you through both the choice of coverage and enrollment process.  .Let's look at some of the ethical responsibilities that a professional term life agent such as ourselves undertakes.

There are many specific ethical responsibilities that we abide by but as with other realms of ethics, it can be boiled down to one overarching principle.  A slightly modified version of the Golden Rule, "Do to others as you would like done to you" is the underpinning of all we at etermlifeinsurancquote.com try to do for our clients.  We have each had experiences where a person (be it a waiter, salesperson, concierge, etc) clearly had their own agenda in information they gave us.  In just renting a car, the attendant asked me if I wanted to bring back the car filled up or have them do it and that their gas was cheaper.  What she didn't say is that it's nearly impossible to bring back the car exactly empty so you are essentially paying for the unused gas.  When you average that in to the "lowered rate" they quote, (let's say at a 1/4 of a tank left over), then it's significantly more expensive.  That's clearly not in my interest and I had a very negative take away on entire company for something that would have made then $10-20 in gas over-charges.  Clearly, that's not the way to go. 

On this same trip, when leaving to snorkel in Hawaii, the car attendant asked where we were going and recommended a great spot for our kids.  He didn't need to do this and it made our trip (after seeing dozens of fish and a very large eel!).  I consequently came a way with a great feeling about him (thanked him later) and the hotel.  It helped make the trip. 

Both of these are in their own ways reflections of ethics applied in the way we look at being life insurance agents.  The first person put the companies `interests ahead of mine.  Ultimately, it's bad for the company because I'll never use them again.  The second person went out of their way to give me valuable information.  It's really that simple.  As term life insurance agents, we will look at your situation and do whatever we can to get you the best value for your money.   We have no vested interest in you going with any particular carrier or plan.  This means using quality life carriers (your coverage is only as good as the carrier's ability to pay).  It means giving you the best rates on the market for these carriers and their plans.  It also means giving you access to our powerful quoting engine so you compare various plans and carriers side by side.  Most importantly, take a look at our term life article database.  First, look at the volume of education and insight on the term life insurance market that we try to give you.  Secondly, read through some of the articles such as whole versus life or why term life insurance and you'll notice that the entire focus of our writing is to give you a behind the scenes view of how life insurance works so that you can make a confident choice for your life insurance needs.

Also, notice that we do not bombard you with requests for phone number and emails the way most life insurance quoting websites do up front when requesting a quote.  The whole "Complete a form and wait for them to send you a quote" is so pre-interenet. Why not do this?  Well, because those drive me crazy when I'm searching online.  Hopefully, this will let you know that we have your best interests at heart.  Do to others....



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