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What to make of different rates?

If you're like most people (including yours truly), you'll usually check rates at a couple of different sites and term life insurance is no different.  There seems to be a million sites out there so it's easy to do and I'll usually sample 2-3 when purchasing something.  You might even see slightly different rates for the identical plans.  What gives?  Is there a price savings there?  Let's look at comparing term life quotes across different carriers so we have all the information.

I had a person call up the other day and request a quote on ING's Reliastar 15.  I ran the quote based on a few items of information from him and had a quote of $46/monthly.  His voiced changed on the other line and he responded with a "I just got a quote on the same plan and they gave me $42/monthly...I've got you beat by $4".  He was a little confrontational at this point.  I explained to him that the quotes he gets online at our site or any site are estimates.  Things can and do change when we go through the underwriting process.  The other website might be using a different health class which generates a slightly different number but it doesn't mean that's what he will get offered from the carrier.  He further said that the quote was contractual and he would go with the better rate.  That's not the case. 

This is the deal...the rate you get  through our company for any given carrier or plan will be IDENTICAL to a rate offered through some other agency, broker, or the carrier direct.  The quoting engines may differ by a few dollars but ultimately, the rate you are offered based on your health status, paramedical, age, area, etc will be IDENTICAL.  You will not get a better rate through another company even if their quoting engine shows a different rate.   It's not going to happen.  You can run quotes and price shop all day long at other websites but there's no advantage in the rate you will be offered by the carrier. 

Taking that into account, there are a few key items to tilt the advantage in your favor. 

1.  Make sure you have a range of carriers and plans to choose from.  You can't consider what you can't compare.  We offer a range of competitive carriers and plans for this reason.  Why not?  There's no downside to us since we're independent agents. 

2.  Try to get the best estimate based on health status.  If you have health issues, let us know so we can provide you with a better estimate (which is all the term life quote is at any of these sites).   Some carriers may be more lenient for a given situation and this won't automatically show in any online quoting engine.

Remember that the quote you receive when price shopping is just an estimate of coverage.  It can change due to health status, paramedical results, family history, etc.  The take-away is that you know you are getting the best possible insurance rate when enrolling and we can promise you this.  There are no discounts or other changes to rates that any one company can promise.  Run for the hills if they do!

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