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10 Day Free Look Period

You can cancel for a full refund

With term life insurance, you can cancel your policy for a full refund within 10 days of receiving the policy from the life insurance company.  There is no application fee and there is no fee to use our services.  That's a lot of no fees and a lot of reasons to apply today and lock in the best rate.  There's no downside...but there are a lot of "No's":

  - No Application Fee
  - Full Refund
  - No fee for our services
  - No filling forms and waiting to get the quote

Run your instant term insurance quote and apply with confidence.  If you don't like the rate, you can cancel with 10 days of receiving policy...no questions...on hassles.  This is the life insurance equivalent of a full refund.  We listed 10 days even though many carriers offer a 30 day period to be conservative.  Please feel free about the exact period for your chosen life insurance plan.  Either way, with 10 days being the shortest, this should be ample time from when you receive the policy to cancel it never effective.  There is no application fee from the carrier or from us as independent life insurance brokers. 

Why would a person decide against keeping a policy in force?  There are many reason but the most common one has to do with pricing.  When you run your online term life quote, the rates reflected there are based on your demographic information (age, gender, area, etc).  When your application is submitted to the carrier, you go through a process called "underwriting".  This is the process by which the carrier determines your eligibility and rate for life insurance based on health history and other criteria (such as driving record, family health, etc).  After this process, the life carrier will usually send you notification that you have either been approved or declined and if approved, at what rate.  This rate may exactly match what you originally received in the quote or it may change based on how the underwriter viewed your application information and more importantly, your paramedical exam results.

It's not uncommon for a person to find out they have an unknown medical issue such as elevated cholesterol or blood pressure as a result of the paramedical exam.  This may affect the rates the carrier offers you.  If you receive approval for the policy but at a higher rate, you can contact us to discuss your option and cancel the policy never effective during the above mentioned minimum 10 day free look period.  You are not locked into any obligation to pay premium by submitting the application.  This is a great protection for the life insurance consumer and allows you to apply with the peace of mind to know that you have the option to cancel the policy.

If you receive your policy and wish to cancel never effective, please notify us as your term insurance broker or designate your refusal in the welcome packet which includes your policy offer.



10 Days to make sure you like the policy and rate or cancel for a full refund.  No application fee.  No questions.
                           WE GUARANTEE IT


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