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Who are we?

We are nationwide, independent term life insurance agents with licenses in most States.  Your rates, benefits, and underlying coverage is identical when purchased through us as if you went direct to the carrier.  The term life carrier, however, will only show you their term life insurance plans and obviously have a vested interest in you going their direction.  We do not.  We can navigate the hundreds of carriers and thousands of plans to find the best value for your situation.  A given carrier may be very competitive for 15 years of term life coverage but not very good at 20 years.  That's the beauty of our online quoting system...fast, free, and comprehensive while providing you the least expensive options for quality carriers.  By bringing this system, we are empowering you to make the best decision on your terms.  The rates are the best available on the market so we have provided you a one-stop site for fast and easy term life insurance! 

What we do?

Providing great tools up front to quote term life insurance is just the start!  We assist throughout the application and enrollment process.  This is important because this process is a bit more involved than people expect...if you have no guidance from professionals like us!  We'll keep your application moving along and help you avoid issues that might slow the process down.  Once the company has offered you coverage at the right price, we are there throughout the life of the policy!  If your life insurance needs change, we'll help you.  If you want to price-compare your existing policy, we'll help you.  Changes to your beneficiary or general information...I think you know what's coming...we'll help you.  For the exact same price as going direct or with any other broker, you get the added value of a impartial third person who is in the business. 

What we do better?

Right now, you can only judge us by our website but that should be a good indicator.  Check out the other term life insurance sites.  Do they only show one rating agency?  Ours shows all four major agencies (check).  Do they ask up front for email and/or phone before running your instant term life insurance quote?  Ours does not (check).  Do they quote only a few carriers and/or plans?  Our quotes dozen's of carriers and 100's of plans.  Do they try to educate and really help you understand the world of term life insurance in a simple, straight-forward way?  We strive to do this through-out our site.  Since you can only go based on the tools and intent of a website at this point, compare us with the others.  You'll see that our philosophy really is to make purchasing top term life insurance plans (with the best pricing) as easy and fast as possible.



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