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Common issues we can help with:

Plan selection.  A tremendous amount of work and energy has gone into our term quoting engine with multiple carriers and dozens of  plans available instantly at your fingertips.  The great thing about term life insurance from the point of the consumer's view is that it is really has become a commodity.  As long as the carrier is strong (we quote companies with high ratings by all four life insurance rating agencies), it's a question of pricing for a given term limit and coverage amount.  You have a great deal of information and comparison power on your side...instantly!

Application process.  This is where some guidance from a professional term life insurance agent comes in quite handy.  Unless you're filling out these application every day (like we do), it can seem a bit alien to most consumers.  Life insurance applications have gone a long way to simplifying their verbage but they still have a ways to go.  After all, it's a binding contract which potentially dictates paying a great deal of money so it can only get so simple.  Flying in the face of this complexity is the importance of completing it correctly and thoroughly.  This application is really important because it establishes critical items such as exactly who will receive the life benefit.  We provided more guidance on the term life insurance application process and beneficiaries for your review. 

Service of the contract.  Once your term life plan is in effect, we are here for the duration.  This usually breaks down into three common requests which we are happy to help with.

1.  Comparing plans.  It makes sense to check annually whether your policy is priced well compared to the market (taking into account your higher age at each check).  We feel most of the savings has been wrung out of the term life market over the past decade has it has been commoditized but it is always good to check.  We provide the same powerful tools that turn this once-lengthy process into a few minutes through our term life insurance quote engine. 

2.  Updating plans.  It's imperative to keep your policy information (life beneficiaries especially) up to date.  It's ten times harder if not impossible to try to correct after life benefits are triggered than before.  It can mean taxes, probate, and family feuds which is the opposite of what you were trying to accomplish by purchasing life insurance in first place. 

3.  Benefits triggered.  We also help if in the unfortunate event that that the policy's benefits are triggered.  We can be a great resource to ease and shepherd your loved ones through this process.  Beneficiaries and family members can be disoriented and it is a welcomed relief to have your trusted life insurance agent there to help and make that part of it as seamless as possible. 

These are the most common ways we help our term life insurance clients but we're always open to new questions and challenges!



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