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Fidelity Rapid Decision Term Life Insurance

A new degree of flexibility and ease of use
This information is current as of 11-09 and it's best to request current information from us

Fidelity's new Rapid Decision Term may be what the future holds for the term life insurance market.   This is getting close to simplifying the entire life insurance enrollment process to make it similar to other purchases.  The key point is that Fidelity Life does NOT require MEDICAL requirements, no exams, no labs for the Rapid Decision Term option.  We'll describe the innovative way that Fidelity has been able to accomplish in our take below.

Health Class
One note on quoting Rapid Decision Term.  The price might show slightly higher than the Best health class with other carriers but it's hard to get those classes.  The net effect is that the rate that is actually offered will likely be comparable if not competitive.

Payment Modal Factors
Semi-annual = 0.52 Quarterly = 0.28 Monthly = 0.087

Annual Policy Fee:  $85

  Product Names
Rapid Decision Term 5 Rapid Decision Term 10
Rapid Decision Term 15
Rapid Decision Term 20
Rapid Decision Term 30

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Our Take on Fidelity Rapid Response Term.  Let's get into how Fidelity has structured this pretty innovative new product.  In a nutshell.  You can typically qualify for a certain benefit of term life insurance coverage based on a set of medical questions and an interview.  The benefits pay out 100/30 based on approval from this initial underwriting.  This means that if the insured passes due to accident (based on company's definition but in line with standard Accidental Death requirements), the policy will pay 100% of the face value.  If the insured passes away due to non-accidental causes, the policy will pay out 30% of the benefits.  You have a 6 month window following approval of this initial offer to obtain a paramedical exam.  Based on the results of the exam, you will either be offered to full 100% for non-accidental death at the same rate or offered a higher rate.  You can choose either way at that point but your initial offer is intact. 

Web-based technology and underwriting innovation enable Fidelity Life to offer a fast, hassle-free purchase experience. With their Rapid Decision Term product and our state-of-the-art Rapid App application, approval and delivery process has been streamlined to allow you to obtain coverage from Fidelity Life in days, not months.

There are no exams, no tests, no waiting periods and processing delays.   Issuance depends only on the answers to a few health questions. This rapid decision-making process is the work of experts who have the knowledge and experience to provide solutions that are both forward looking and practical. It's a benefit you won't likely get from any other insurer.

Our initial feedback is that Fidelity is aggressive on the underwriting side which means we might have a better chance of not only qualifying for the medical exam plan expansion mentioned above but qualify at a better tier.


Rapid Response Term Health Classes (non-Medical)

Select Non-nicotine
Standard Non-nicotine
Standard Nicotine

Available Fidelity Rapid Response Term Riders:


The Rapid Decision Term product also features a number of term life riders such as Accelerated Death Benefit which is included with the policy and optional riders such as Return of Premium, Waiver of Premium, Dependent Child, and Accidental Death.

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