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Each year at your term life insurance's anniversary time, it's a smart move to re-evaluate your policy's provisions and costs.  This period of time is called renewal and we can help you almost as much as when you first purchased your original life insurance policy.  Let's look at how to successfully navigate your life insurance's renewal.

There are a few key items to re-evaluate during the renewal process.  You can do this during any time of the year but renewal (anniversary of the original effective date) is usually a good time to dust off the old policy and make sure it still adequately protects you at the best possible rate.  If it's been a few years (or more), then we recommend doing it now.  On a practical note, there may be updates that are needed and more importantly, you may be paying too much.  The latter has a better chance of actually motivating most people to find the policy and go through it.  If we are your licensed life insurance agents, we can help you go through this comparison and/or request information from the carrier.  Of course, we can help any one evaluate their current policy and whether it affordably addresses their life insurance needs.

Let's first look at the practical house-keeping items that are needed.  The big one is life insurance beneficiary designation.  It's extremely important to keep this information current.  Things change and people tend to forget to update their life policy details to reflect these changes.  It can be divorce, a marriage, children, changes in policy settlement (pay out) structure.  If this information is not updated and the policy holder passes away, there is little if any recourse to address the misstep.  It can also lead to painful and expensive legal battles between the parties involved.  For example, let's say that a policy holder did not update the beneficiary from a first spouse to a recently married spouse.  Can you imagine the fireworks that will result from such a mistake!  The purpose of life insurance is to make it easier for your loved ones...not harder.  Anytime, there is big life change, it's good to take a look at the life policies to make sure these changes are correctly reflected.

There may be other basic information that needs addressing at renewal.  Payment options or address can be critical since you do not want your policy to lapse.   We see this issue when people are set up for an annual automatic payment.  A lot of time passes between each payment and it can be easy to forget to update the life policy information since twelve months may pass. 

Once we have the housekeeping information in order, life insurance renewal is a good time to make your you have adequate coverage at the best rate.  You can quickly run your instant term life insurance quote to check out what's on the market.  Your age is higher so that will be factored into the rate but many people still have old and very expensive policies that do not make sense.  This can include whole life policies or older term life policies.  It just takes a few seconds to review and we are happy to help you with this analysis.  Keep in mind that it's best to use our guidance when considering replacing existing life insurance policies.   That's what we're here for!





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