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We all like to know what we are paying for and life insurance is no different.  Let's look at both the big picture of life insurance cost and what you can do to pay less of it.  We'll first look at what makes up the core premium of life insurance and changes to this base rate that you can actually have affect on.

First, why does life insurance cost what it does?  Good question.  We've covered the core basis of life insurance in other articles but here it goes.  Essentially, we are spreading the financial risk of one person passing away across as many people as possible.  The larger the number of people, the smaller the cost of life insurance since there is less incremental risk for each person.  You're grouped together with people in your same age, geographic area, and general health status.  These three criteria are key drivers of life insurance costs with age and health status having the biggest impact. 

So our first take away is to purchase term life as young as possible since you lock in the premium amount for the duration of the term life policy.  You can run a term life quote in our engine to see the difference in cost between different ages.  This is a great way to reduce your insurance costs.  Health status can also affect you insurance costs and although this is partially under our control, we do control it.  Issues such as elevated cholesterol and blood pressure can be addressed by many people (although not all) through lifestyle changes.  This means money in your pocket as it reduce term insurance costs.

Geography has some impact since mortality rates differ from area to area but this is less under our control and ultimately has less affect than age or health status.  So this makes up the core costs of life insurance...essentially a shared risk of passing away early spread among many people since the probability of any one person passing away is small.  On top of this, the carriers will add costs associated with administration, profit (if it's a for-profit) company, and reserves.  Reserves are there in case there's a run on the company from an extraordinary claims experience.  All told, the largest part of your life insurance cost comes from the underlying risk and not the admin, profit, and/or reserves.  Life insurance, especially term insurance has become a very competitive market and more of a commodity.  This is good news for you since the cost difference between different sources of term insurance shrinks.  As you run your term life quote, you'll notice that the carriers are all in the ball park for similar age, area, health situations.

Finally, there is usually a annual policy fee for most of the term insurance plans.  This is pretty comparable as well, again...going back to the commodity nature of the market.  If a carrier charged too much for their annual fee, no one would purchase their policy.  Keep in mind when looking at the cost of life insurance that you're viewing them through the lens of today's dollars although you'll be paying them with tomorrow's dollars.  This means that $100/monthly insurance cost today might feel like $96 next year and even $60 10 years from now.  This effect is due to inflation and should be taken into account for both the cost of life insurance and expected benefit.




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