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A good term life insurance agent can be critical to the whole process.  We do our best to live up to your expectations and hopefully our website will reflect that our core consideration is to make selecting and purchasing term life insurance as easy, seamless, and straightforward as possible.  After all, this is how we would like to be treated!  Let's take a look at how we try to do this look into the role that a dedicated life insurance agent plays in the process.

First, what is the cost associated with our services (which we'll discuss below)?  You'll be glad to know that is absolutely zero!  The rate is identical whether you go through us, another broker, or direct to the insurance carrier.  We are paid like travel agents with a commission (comparable from carrier to carrier) from the carrier but the actual rate paid is IDENTICAL.  The real question is why wouldn't you use a solid broker when dealing with such a purchase as term life insurance?

The effort we put into our website should hopefully indicate what we strive to be.  First, we provide instant quotes for the top life carriers without all the usual requests up front and irritating delays.  We feel that if we do our job correctly, you'll find the best term life plan at the best rate quickly and why wouldn't you want to contact us with your questions or to complete your application quickly.  Good agents shouldn't have to chase down visitors.  Here's how we aim to be your one-stop destination for purchasing term life insurance.

Best Rates

For a given carrier and plan ,you will not find a better rate.  Period.  More importantly, for a given situation (age, amount, term, and health class), our system will automatically search through the hundreds of plans and quote the top rated and best priced!  This is a huge deal with term life since each carrier has different term price points and "sweet spots" in terms of pricing.  One strong carrier may be very competitive for 20 years but not for 15.  If you're searching for 20 years, it will be selected and listed next to other competitive options to give you our decades of experience instantly!

Best Carriers

Our companies are all top-rated and to prove it.  We provide ratings by the four major rates agencies.  We're always surprised when major term life insurance websites only use one or two agencies.  Again, we want you to have all the information.

Best Service

We concentrate on term life insurance period.  We feel it's a great value for a large segment of the life insurance market and why muddy the water with other types of insurance (whole, universal, etc) that are much more expensive.   Presenting the best value (term life in our view) is part of being a good broker.

We help with selection process, the underwriting process, and most importantly, we work with you through the life of the policy.  When you need to evaluate your plan pricing or life insurance needs (things change).  We'll bring the same ease and professionalism to the process as when you originally sign up with us.  And with the best plans, best rates, and a website that aims to give you control, why wouldn't you sign up with us for your term life insurance needs. 

Like any profession, there's good, bad and a whole lot of middle in our industry.   


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