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There are really 3 different term life quotes

Understanding the difference

You'll notice on our home page at etermlifeinsurancequote.com about half way down the page that there's a "which one are you" grid.  Below are three different options with some criteria and general information but it's important to understand that there really are three distinct types of term life insurance available on the market to you and correspondingly, 3 different term life quotes you can run for your situation.  Let's take a look at the three different options and spell out a little better how they differ.

Let's start the traditional term life quote that most people are familiar with.  This is your "father's" term life quote.  The main quote button at the top of the page will take you into the quoting engine through which, you will receive rates from multiple carriers.  This is traditional, underwritten life insurance with the emphasis being put on "underwritten".  This is usually the best option for people in pretty good health (does not need to be perfect!).  You're likely to get the best rate if you are in good health and can qualify so we recommend the headaches of the application process, paramedical exam, and processing time in order to lock in the better rates over the course of what can be a long time (depending on term length requested).  The medical questionnaire is more involved and there is a paramedical exam required.  That's the only downside.  Again, keep in mind that a longer length of time might save you $1000's for the trouble.

Next up is the so-called Hybrid term insurance option.  This is a relatively new product on the market and we're pretty excited about it for a few reasons.  Essentially, you are usually able to qualify for an immediate blend of term life and accidental life coverage.   You then have 6 months to take a paramedical exam in order to extend it to full coverage (meaning for causes outside of accidental death).  This is a great way to lock in some coverage right away with flexibility to expand it.  Why go this way?  A few reasons.  We can get coverage very quickly.  Even though a paramedical exam is required for full coverage, the underwriting or ability to qualify for this coverage has been more flexible for people with health or medication issues.  Even though the quote may show lower for the traditional term insurance above, the ACTUAL offered rate following review of your health  status/history may end up more competitive with the Hybrid option.  Let us know about your situation and we'll try to provide guidance as to which direction to try.

Finally, there non-medical term insurance.  This is fast approach for typically less amounts of term insurance coverage with a few simple health questions.  You will likely pay more per dollar of term coverage but it might be our only option if not best option depending on health.   One option is to lock in non-medical exam so we have some level of coverage while we attempt hybrid or traditional if there's a question of qualifying.  In a move that we hope permeates the term insurance market, the policy can be secured with an online application in as little as 15 minutes which is such a welcomed change. 

Now, the thing to remember is that the quote for all three of these types of term insurance are separate.  You may want to check with us as experience life insurance agents as to which approach fits your needs or you can run your quotes separately here:

No medical term life quote
Hybrid term insurance quote  (choose Fidelity plan)
Traditional term insurance quote



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