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Some tips to help you find the best option

Shopping for life insurance sure is better than it used to be.  Before the advent of the internet and online shopping, the whole process was tedious, confusing, and probably limiting in the options you could compare.  A table full of rate tables and percentages was the norm of the day and there was good reason that people put it off.  Fast forward to these days and it has all changed.  Let's look as what you can expect when shopping for term life and we'll pass on some tips to help you find the best plan.

One of the first things I do when shopping for anything is go online and find a site that seems to give me an impartial overview of what's really important.  For example, I just purchased a higher end document scanner.  We use it to scan all documents which allows us to encrypt and back-up the electronic version while destroying the paper copy to better protect your privacy and ensure we can quickly find your needed information.  I found a site which helped me understand what really matter among the 10-15 different variables to consider.  The information empowered me to make the right choice and it turned out to be an ideal fit for my needs.

Now, life insurance is different from a scanner but there are still key points to focus on.  Our goal with etermlifeinsurancequote.com is simple...we want to provide you the insight and guidance you need to find the right life insurance policy all at one site.  You will find an ever-increasing wealth of information at our article database to do exactly this.  Let's pinpoint the key items to focus on and point you to the right article for more detail.

1.  What type of life insurance?  This loosely translates to term life insurance versus whole life.  These are the two dominant types of life insurance on the market.  A quick preview.  Term life is much lower priced but lasts for a fixed period of time (From 5 - 30 years usually).  Whole life can last your entire life and is more expensive.  This really is the first piece of the puzzle to solve.  It's hard to justify the extra cost of whole life and we go into detail at multiple articles (term versus whole, why term life, term life and investing).  If you really must have whole life, then we'll help you but let us at least try to save you a considerable amount of money while shopping for life. 

2.  What length of term?  Okay, so you have read the articles and you made the wise decision of term life.  For how long?   This is the first critical decision that directly interacts with our next concern, how much term life?  They interact in that in a yin-yang sort of way...an increase in one means a decrease in the other for a given premium amount.  First check out the articles at the end of this section to get a better idea on length.  20 years is usually a good place to start.  Within our online quoting engine, you always go up or down from this point but 20 works well for more traditional uses of life insurance.  What length of term, 5 year term, 10 year term, 20 year term, 30 year term.

3.  As we mentioned above, the next concern is amount of coverage.  Probably the best bet when shopping for life insurance is to try our Term Life Planner.  Keep in mind that life insurance is typically about replacing lost income over a long period of time.  The Planner will give you a baseline to work from when shopping for term.  There are many variables to consider and each person's situation is different.  Other than specific needs or business uses that you may be shopping for, think 1) financial income for family; 2) getting children through college years and expense 3) primary mortgage.  These are the core uses of life insurance.  Articles of interest:  Uses of term of term life; Life insurance basics.

4.  Best options side by side.  The final piece when shopping for life insurance is to know that can you quickly and easily compare the best options available on the market.  There are two parts to this.  One is that you need a life insurance broker who is independent and offer multiple carriers and plans.  Secondly, you need a system that allows you to see these options next to each other according to the amount and length that fit your needs.  Our online term life insurance quoting engines provides exactly this and at no cost to you.

5.  Finally, you may have questions.  Know that as licensed life insurance agents who have done all they can to give you complete and fair information on this site, we are more than happy to walk over any questions you have.  There is no fee for our service when shopping for life insurance.  That's our job!





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