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Dominant carrier and popular plan and pricing
This information is current as of 11-09 and it's best to request current information from us

ING Life has become one of the dominant term life insurance carriers.  They have been in a process of acquiring other life insurance companies such as ReliaStar out of New York.  Their pricing has become a standout on the term life market and has been very popular with our clients.  ING is also on the progressive end when it comes to ease of underwriting and enrollment.  They act like they actually want the business which can be unusual in the life insurance market.

Premium Bands

Premium bands are essentially price points based on ranges of term life benefits.  Typically, you will pay less per dollar of coverage for larger amounts of total coverage.

Band 1:  $100K-$199,999
Band 2:  $200K-$999,999
Band 3:  $1M plus

Payment Modal Factors
Semi-annual = .52 Quarterly = .265 Monthly = .0875
  Product Names
TermSmart 10
TermSmart 15
TermSmart 20
TermSmart 30

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Our Take on ING TermSmart.  Term life rate pricing is a pretty easy component to compare but what we really like about ING is that they are very aggressive in getting policies issued and through the underwriting process is a timely fashion.  The underwriting process can take weeks if not months depending on a host of factors but ING feels less like a life insurance company and more like the progressive health insurance carriers that have evolved over the past decades to expedite the entire process.  This is welcomed for us as the broker who is trying to help the client procure life insurance and much more so for the applicant involved. 

TermSmart is the key product on the on the term market.  The also have a ROP plan which has a built-in Return of Premium component (similar to the rider of the same name.  They also have a ReliaStar (which they acquired as a separate life insurance carrier) of New York group of plans.  The online quoting engine will automatically determine which is the best value and most appropriate (for example, by State) for your situation based on the information you enter up front.  Reflecting their aggressive pricing, it's not uncommon to find an ING option in any given quote.  The system will automatically parce the rates based on your demographic information but ING is competitive to where it typically shows as one of the best quoted options. 

TermSmart Health Classes

Super Preferred No Tobacco
Preferred No Tobacco
Select No Tobacco
Standard No Tobacco
Preferred Tobacco

Available ING TermSmart Riders:

Accidental Death Benefit issue ages 18-60, provides coverage up to face amount, to a maximum of $300,000, expires on policy anniversary nearest to insured's 60th birthday

Waiver of Premium available, issue ages 18-55, automatically expires on the policy anniversary nearest to the insured's 60th birthday

Living Benefit Rider automatically included, where approved, at no additional premium for eligible policies. Owner can request payment up to $250,000 but not to exceed the lesser of the total face amount of the policy, or 25% of the total death benefit in-force with Reliastar Life on life policies that have the same owner and insured

Run your ING TermSmart quote and compare against other carriers and plans.

  ING TermSmart



ING ReliaStar Life Insurance Company
Address1 20 Washington Ave, South
City Minneapolis
State MN
Zip 55401
Phone 1-866-464-7355


Rating Agency Rating Category Rating
A.M. Best Financial Strength A
Standard & Poor's Financial Strength A+
Moody's Financial Strength A1
Fitch Financial Strength A

















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