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A quick look at what to expect when you run a quote

Quoting term life insurance has really become quite easy over the past decade.  It use to be that you would submit a great deal of information and we (your licensed term life insurance brokers) would search through books with 100's of rates per page and all types of the percentages (due to health, riders, etc) added on or subtracted.  Our online quoting tool is nothing short of a Rosetta Stone for quoting term life insurance which produces a range of plans/rates instantly and allows you to quickly recalculate based on changes in amount, length of coverage, health status, or age!  Let's look at what you can expect with a guided tour of your online term life quote result.

Accessible from any page on this site (at top of each page) or on the term life insurance quote page is the input section.  We wanted to make it easy to access and even easier to use.  It allows you to quickly enter the relevant information that will tailor rates to your situation.  Most of the inputs are self-explanatory and really geared towards making the process easy and quick!  Many other sites (some major) require your email and contact information at this point.  Personally, that's the kiss of death when I want information and the site wants mine in return.  We believe that providing you with an instant quote is the what you want and if we were quoting term life insurance ourselves...it's what we would want.  On the next page, you can adjust the coverage amount or length of term so you can go with the default for now and play with those two  variable to find the right coverage at the right price for you.  Health Class is probably the one entry that's a little less intuitive.   To be conservative, it's probably best to go one step down to where you think you are just in case.  If the rates are better (based on a better health class), then that's always a welcomed surprise.  The drop down class are best class (each carrier has different terminology), Preferred, Standard Plus, and Standard.

Once you hit continue, the actual quote will appear (example below).  You will see that the information you just entered on the prior page can be adjusted at the top.   Below are the actual results.  Let's look at an example based on a 40 year old person quoting $500K for 20 years.  I'll walk through the results below the picture:

On the left side is the carrier name (with logo), the plan name and that carrier's specific underwriting class.  This corresponds with the drop down class we discussed earlier in the carriers specific terminology.  You have a link for details below this which gives more information on the plan options, details, and requirements.

To the right of this column is the term life insurance carrier rating.  There are four listed:  AM Best, S&P, Moody's, and Fitch.  As we discussed in our carrier rating guide, we believe providing all four is critical to helping you make an informed decision.  You can find more information on how read these ratings at our carrier rating page (link right above).

To the right of this column is the length of term such as "20 years".  Further to the right is the amount per month and amount per year.  There are typically discounts in paying annually versus monthly with term life insurance.

Once you have decided on the plan and rate that fits your needs, you click on the continue button.  This will take you a health survey to help establish your health class and eligibility and allows you to request the application and start the enrollment process at your leisure.   It's a very simple process and we hope it helps to make the term life process a better one for you!



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