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Scenario #2 - Marriage

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Scenario #2 Need for Term Life - Marriage

Time to Grow Up

There's a lot going on at your wedding.  Crazy relatives that make you twinge every time they start to talk are suddenly descending down on you.  All the arrangements that need to come off make everyone a little bit edgy and somehow, a lot of that fell on you as the bride.  Yes, your bride of honor and mom have helped but there's still a lot to get done for the big day.  So much energy has gone into the flowers, dress, and table seating arrangements (do we do stick Uncle Stu next to??) that you haven't even thought of the practical matters that come after the wedding.  Somewhere, deep down on that "Ok...we're married...now what" after switching out checking accounts and all kinds of fun paperwork is the little matter of life insurance.  You're both 28 and although he thinks that he is invulnerable, you know better because after all...you're the pragmatic one.  Once the dust settles, it will probably be you that needs to look at life insurance needs for your newly formed family.  By the way...you're a family now.

In the most common reasons for needing term life insurance Scenario #1, we talked about the needs associated with a new baby but maybe we were putting the cart before the horse.  Either way, a new marriage is another very common reason that people start to even think about needing life insurance and it's a pretty good reason.  Life insurance needs tend to come into focus during major changes and shifts within our lives for a reason.  It's easy to walk through life day to day  especially when you're young without looking at the big picture.  Life insurance is part of the big picture thinking that changes like a new marriage inexcusable force upon us.  Wedding bells definitely fall into this category. 

When you form the perfect union, you're essentially formalizing a dependency emotionally, physically, and financially.   Obviously, life insurance is more concerned with the latter and term life is the correct way to address this dependency.  When you're single, A. You're probably not thinking of passing away (unless you you're going with a  Goth, Nietche view of life).  Obviously, a wedding is also about new beginnings...not contemplating the passing of a spouse.  It's not being dark or negative to make sure your loved one is protected and safe in case something happens...in fact, it's slightly negligent to avoid these questions and put them in a possible although improbable situation.  So, let's look at how to practically address the responsibility that a new wedding thrusts on newlyweds.

The main concern is to provide for the loss of income that may result from one or both of the spouse's passing away.  Not even looking at the possibility of children and those financial requirements, there may be mortgages, debts, and just the ability to continue forth financial if something were to happen to you that term life insurance addresses.  The good news is that if you are newlyweds (unless we're talking the 4th or 5th marriage), you're probably younger compared to the average term life insurance purchaser and the rates will likely be between $10-20 monthly for a healthy, young adult.  That's the best time to buy life insurance.  You can then mark that requirement off your list and start to argue about the kitchen remodel.  Don't worry...it's coming.   



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