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It's important to understand this distinction

There are plenty of websites that can run term life quotes on the web...literally 100's (if not 1000's).  Most are quoting the same batch of companies or at least we hope so since it's so easy to provide you with a full range of companies and term life plans these days!   If you price shop the web, which many people do, are you going to see the exact same rates or will you save money by finding lower prices like you might with other purchases?  Great question.  Let's look a little closer at the quotes you get online and what they really mean.

First, it's important that you have many carriers and plans to choose from.  A big red flag is if you only get 1-3 carriers back when you run a quote.  Each carrier has certain "sweet spots" where they price better than competitors and you may just happen to be in one (in terms of age, area, amount of coverage, etc).  Make sure you're getting a breadth of options when comparing term life rates.  That's a starting point and essential.

Secondly, and maybe most importantly, understand that the online quote provided at any site for term life is essentially an estimate.  It's a base rate.  Why?  Let's look at the structure of life insurance rates for a quick second to understand better how this works.  Life insurance rates are based on certain sets of hard data which we can enter into any website.  For example, age, area, gender, and amount of coverage are concrete pieces of information we can enter into the system from which rates are derived.  These criteria definately affect the rates you will get and if that's all we needed to produce a quote, then we could definitively give you rates and that's that. 

However, there's a second set of information which is not so black and white which equally affect the possible rate you will finally get.  The big one is health status.  Some parts of health status such as height/weight are pretty easy to screen for but others provide quite a bit of gray area.  For example, what will elevated cholesterol do to your quote?  For that matter, what about cholesterol treated by meds (even succesfully) in conjunction with higher weight and maybe a blood pressure medication?  It's gets grayer (if that's a word) by the minute.  This only takes into account the health issues you know about.

The paramedical exam is an important part of the term life insurance enrollment process.  Essentially, you have a quick medical exam by professional which includes a blood work-up.  You may have higher cholesterol and not even know it until the paramed results come back.  It's kind of hard to figure this into the quote if it's not even know by the term life applicant.  We all have varied health history and health status so it's important to understand that the quote you receive online from any site is essentially an estimate.  Anyone or any site that says differently is just plain dishonest or in a more positive light, mis-informed.  So what is the quote you get online.

The online term life quote is a base rate determined by the concrete factors that we can provide (age, gender, etc).  This rate can up or down (usually up) based on other criteria such as health history, lifestyle choices (that affect life tables such as DUI's, etc), and the paramedical exam results.  How true is the quote?  Unless you have absolutely perfect health, it's best to keep in mind 10-40% higher when considering which plan to go with.  We would be happy to run a more accurate (or better informed) quote based on your personalized information with this term life quote form.  Ideally, apply for the plan/rate you want and we can adjust after the carrier comes back with a decision. 

The one thing we can say for certain is that you will not get a better rate from any other website, broker, or carrier direct than what we can offer for a given carrier/plan.  It just doesn't exist. 

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