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Term Life Options for Pilots

Flying shouldn't bar you from the market

It used to be that if you enjoyed flying for a living or just a love, life insurance was going to be non-existent or incredibly expensive for you.  Things have changed in the term life insurance market for the better if you find yourself in the sky on occasion behind the cockpit.  We work with pilots all the time now to help them secure term life so let's take a look at how the life insurance market is finally addressing the needs of pilots.

Just the other day, a pilot called us for life insurance options.  He had already checked out 5 other websites and 3 agencies with either no luck or a general lack of knowledge on some of the new options available for him.   We're glad he found us because we do have some term life plans available and the new underwriting is much more flexible.

So let's go back in time.  A pilot would usually be making his or her way through the term life application.  Invariably, there would be a question, along with sky diving and other so-called risky attributes, asking if the applicant was a pilot.  This could be commercial of recreational.  A "yes" answer to that question was typically a deal breaker or worse yet, the plan would cover the pilot but exclude any benefit triggers resulting from flying.  This is only half a remedy and ultimately, all pilots would like to have full coverage even deaths resulting from flying.  The limited options that were available might approve you but at a huge increase in term life cost.  Not exactly a good answer either.

Things have changed.  The carriers (or at least some of them) have become more flexible.  The trick is knowing which term life carriers and plans are a better fit for pilots.  One of our favorite options these days will actually offer a pilot the best tier (assuming he or she is in good health and qualifies based on other general life insurance underwriting requirements) and apply a fixed extra charge for being a pilot.  Amazingly, the fixed charge is affordable...a real departure from extra premiums changed in the past for flying.  On top of this fixed charge approach, the policy does not exclude death as a result of flying.  It's the best of both worlds and that's a tough order in the world of life insurance.  So how should you proceed? 

If you're a pilot, let us know up front.  With a quick 10 minute pre-qualifying phone call, we can take into account your flying but also your general health.  Apples and apples, two carriers may both cover flying at an affordable term life rate but may evaluate other health attributes differently.  That's were we can discuss your specific health make-up beyond just the flying to figure out which carrier will be easier (and cheaper) to deal with.  You longer have to high your wings when applying for term life insurance.  We'll help you fly and get term life coverage. 



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