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You find yourself suddenly thrusted into maturity and and as part of this new you, there's a pressing need to find life insurance.  On one hand, it's never that much fun to look for term life insurance.  We can agree with that.  On the flip side, it's never been easier to find life insurance of any kinds and term life is not different.  We'll start at ground zero and go through the various options available to help you find life insurance.  Some have been around since life insurance first was sold while others are brand new.  Let's walk through the ways to find life insurance.

You're 37 with a new baby on the way.  You're still playing X-Box but generally speaking, you're growing up in spite of what you're old girl friends said would happen.  So what should you do.  You already have an agent for your health insurance and another one for your car insurance.  Should you call them to find term life insurance?  Should you go online since that's the way you buy most things these days.  You see ads on the tv with 800#'s advertising lowest cost life insurance and free knives with a purchase.  Is that the way to go?  Good questions.  Let's break down the main ways to find term life insurance and the pro's and con's to each. 

First, let's start with the traditional agent means of finding term life.  You probably already have an agent for health insurance if you have your own policy (not sponsored through a group or employer) and definitely for car or home insurance which falls under the property and casualty license umbrella.  Is this a good way to find life insurance?  It depends.  As with all things, this way of finding life insurance depends on a few criteria when dealing with your existing health or property license.  First, is your insurance agent well-versed and experience with life insurance.  Life insurance is very different than many other lines of coverage such as health and/or property and casualty.   You really want a an agent who concentrates on life insurance.  There are so many quirks and tweaks to this market that only experience can build the necessary vault of knowledge needed.  You also want an agent who is independent.  This means that they can quote many different carriers and or plans when finding life insurance.  Many big property agents work exclusively for one carrier such as State Farm or Farmers.  They will only quote their life insurance products.  This is not in your interest. 

This leaves traditional life insurance agents which can be found in any city.  The same considerations apply.  You want to make sure the life insurance agent is independent and impartial.  You also want a good degree of knowledge in the term life market when finding coverage.  Be careful of agents that push one policy to much or seems to want to add additional bells and whistles to your core life insurance policy. 

What about going online to find term life insurance?  This is how many people find life insurance these days and since you're viewing this article online, we can assume you're partially open to this option.  The same rules apply to finding term life insurance online.  Find experienced people since they must ultimately have a life insurance license in order to sell or discuss benefits.  You can tell a lot by their website as well.  Do they provide all the information up front?  Do they try to educate you as to how to find and select term life insurance?  Of course, the quotes should be available immediately online to you. 

What about buying via phone from advertising you find?  We're a little more skeptical of this approach.   This is the deal. When you're on the phone with someone who's ultimately in sales, you're more likely to go along with a term life plan that's not in your best interest.  You're more likely to make a good decision when you can research on your own and at your own pace.  This leans us away from finding life insurance coverage via phone. 

These are the most common ways to find term life insurance and ultimately, the same requirements keep popping up regardless of the means of shopping.  Take you time, get educated, and find an impartial and knowledgeable 3rd party to aid you. 

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