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People rarely thing through a lack life insurance

The internet has changed many things and term life insurance online is no exception.   Buying a piece of furniture online is one thing but insurance really is about information and there's no better place to get and provide information than online.  Let's look at the advantage of term life insurance online versus the slow, cumbersome, and expensive alternative.

Let's go back to the world before the internet.  Life insurance was absolutely miserable.  Picture a table...yours or within an insurance agent's office.  Dozens of brochures and charts are strewn across the table with a dizzying array of tables and numbers.  It really was obnoxious and no wonder people put off purchasing life insurance!   The process of calculating rates was mind-numbing.  It started with a base rate according to age, amount, and time.  You then had to add or subtract percentages to this ever-changing rate due to many variables such as health class, smoking, riders, area, price points, and on and on.  It involved a calculator and a fair amount of patience.  It was not fun for either the prospective buyers or the agent.   More importantly, there was a real incentive to only show a few plans since it became exponentially more complicated with each life insurance carrier or plan that was proposed.  This is bad if you're a consumer.

Fast forward to term life insurance online.  Again, insurance is all about information.  There's no shipping...no returns...just rates based on certain criteria.  It's beautifully designed for the online world and it has never looked back.  It would have seamed impossible a decade ago to imagine that buyers of term life could instantly run their own quote across multiple carriers and plans in seconds.   This also put a tremendous amount of power in the hand of the consumer.  We have seen countless clients who have very expensive life insurance or insurance ill-suited for their situation.  The list of poorly selected (or in most situations...poorly recommended) life insurance policies run the gamut of too much insurance, too little insurance, bad carriers, too many expensive riders, expensive whole life insurance, and last but not least....way too expensive on a per dollar of coverage basis.  Again, this partly goes back to the fact that it would take hours (assuming no errors) to cross-compare multiple plans and life insurance rates

Say goodbye to difficult!  In under 10 seconds you can now have the best rates quoted online for you.  We make sure to leave this process unobstructed for you to get your quote.  The online world still has not caught on to this as they tend to be more aggressive in "selling".  We're more aggressive in educating and providing you the online tools you need to put the power of this information in your hands.  We figure you'll show you're appreciation by letting us help you through the process based on years of experience.  This is our show of faith as your future term life insurance agent.

The next wave of innovation for online life insurance will follow in the underwriting process.  Health insurance has already moved this direction with term life soon to follow.  Online applications are ultimate end-game to promote not only ease of use to you, the consumer but efficiency and cost savings to the carriers.  Term life insurance has become such a commodity in a competitive market that will force further efficiency in the way of online applications.  We foresee this occurring over the next three to five years.  Lengthy paper application will likely go the way of tables full of matrices and rate charts and we say...good riddance!



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