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You know you need life insurance but you are new to the purchase and the whole process.  If you're like most people, you go online and check out some sites...maybe run a few life quotes.  Who owns these sites and what do they get out of it?  Most are life insurance brokers like ourselves.  Let's look a little closer at what you can expect from a professional life insurance broker like us and what to avoid.

People use the term agent and broker interchangeably with life insurance.  They're pretty similar in terms of how they work.  There's a slight distinction but it shouldn't really impact the consumer.  An agent essentially works on behalf of the carriers but if they're independent (and not "captured"), the net effect should be the same.  A broker works on behalf of the client but still must have contractual obligations to the carriers.  It's probably 6 or half a dozen but the real issue comes down to the agent or broker in question.  Now that we've gone through the semantics, let look at what's really important with a life insurance broker or agent.

Coming from second generation life insurance brokers (please...hold the applause...or snickers), like with any profession, let's start with competence.  You have good and bad with any profession and life insurance brokers are no exception.  Let's face it...some are just really new to the business and will be good brokers later on.  Insurance and especially life insurance is so complicated, convoluted, and multi-variable dependent that it really takes some old fashion time and energy spent in it to give good advice.  I personally attest that there times early in my career that I just didn't know of some wrinkle or option in a given situation.  It all worked out well in the end but experience really is key to understanding life insurance options.  Also, there are some people who just don't want to keep up with new products, changes, and strategies as it pertains to comparing life insurance.  Again, this is true in any profession and I'm sure you know a few people you work with that either make you sigh or turn red.  Competence.  Knowing what questions to ask, knowing what life insurance options address your needs, and then competently guiding the process to a successful conclusion.  In a nutshell, that is what you want from a broker and our core strength at etermlifeinsurancequote.com is solely focused on these three goals.  

Impartiality, honesty, and fairness are equally important in your life insurance broker.  If you're like me (maybe I'm a little suspicious by nature), my first thought in any purchase is whether the person helping me is acting in my best interests.  I don't know the world of frigerators, carburetors, or home mortgages.  Is that really the best option for me at the best price or are they pushing this particular option because they get some kind of bonus, need to run down excessive inventory, or just don't want to take the energy to really investigate what's best?  Tell me that's not exactly the fear you have when making a new purchase.  Again, maybe I'm too skeptical but it's a legitimate concern that results from many transactions where the above was not in my favor.  So let's set the record straight.

We will try to find the best priced life insurance plans to best address your needs PERIOD.  If you read through our term life insurance articles, you can see that we're trying to give you the upper hand in the whole process of purchasing life insurance.  Life insurance companies and a lot of life brokers love whole life...we don't.  We don't think it make sense due to its cost.  You'll see that focus on YOUR interests on every page of our site.  We are paid like travel agents so the rate is identical to you whether you go through us with our wealth of knowledge or direct to the big (should be in caps) life insurance company.  There's no incentive to us if you go with one plan or carrier or another so we'll try to find the best one.  In fact, to back this up, our term life insurance quoting engine puts the power in your hand and parses the best priced plans for your requirements instantly.   I'll be honest...we could make more money recommending whole life insurance but it's not in your interest...so we don't do it.  We take the responsibility of being your life-long life insurance broker seriously and we feell it begins, continues, and ends by our acting in your best interest.



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