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How to apply for life insurance - insider's edition


Application process for life insurance


Once you have decided on the right term life insurance plan, what's the process of applying for the actual coverage?

Let's now take a look at the term life insurance enrollment process.


Maybe we can save you a great deal of hardship and even money!


Steps to apply for life insurance

The first step is to complete your term life insurance application.

This is the formal contract between you and the carrier to establish coverage.

Each carrier has a slightly different spin on the application but the key items are the same.


We provide online downloadable application for the major carriers at our Term Life Insurance Application center but...

That's not the best way to apply!


About 2 out of 5 people who pick their own plan online and complete the app end up with a different plan!




The rates you see online are really estimate other than for no medical exam/no questions plans.


Even for the non-medical exam plans!


When we actually go through your health status, history, and all the other small factors that dictate your final rate, there will probably be another plan which will work much better.


Each carrier has their specific niches that the focus on.


  • It may be height/weight for one.
  • Driving record for another.
  • Marijuana use for a third.




There's no way to know this from an online quote.


This is where we come in


There's no cost for our assistance but our help can be invaluable.


Just call 800-710-0455 or email us.


You can also start the process with the online quote here:

Free online term life insurance quote


With a quick 5 minute question/answer session, we can narrow down the best priced option for you.


More importantly to this article...

We can enroll right over the phone and save you an average of 45 minutes from the paper or online application!


Now, a closer look at the life insurance application (in whatever form).

Basics of the life insurance application


Let's look at the major sections of the term life application.


General term life application

The first part of your application is the general information.

This is pretty self-explanatory but you want to make sure to be precise when dealing with such a contract.



The life insurance beneficiary section of the the term life app is critical.

This where you officially state who will receive the life benefit if the coverage is triggered.

It's very important to be exact (i.e. don't say spouse but specify person's name and SS#), and to keep the designation current once the policy is established.

You can find more important information in our term life insurance beneficiary section about the do's and don'ts regarding beneficiaries.


The Dreaded Health History Section

This part makes up a great part of the term life application.


Life insurance application health history sections can even be more involved than health insurance applications.


This is because term life insurance carriers are concerned with a different set of underwriting risks than health insurance carriers.


What makes a person sick may be very different than what causes death.


In insurance parlance, it's call morbidity (sickness) versus mortality (death).


Term life insurance apps can even delve into family history as many mortality underwritten issues have a family or genetic basis.

Heart disease is an example of this.


It's important that you honestly and thoroughly complete the section for two reasons.


  • First, if information is incorrect or incomplete, it can affect the viability of the coverage.
  • Secondly, health history (along with the paramedical exam described later in the article) will affect the final offered rates.


The carrier have various health classes or tiers according to your health and health history at the time of applying for coverage.

Habits that impact health such as excessive drinking or smoking can also affect your final rates.

The Underwriting Process


Once the term life insurance application is complete, you are officially in the underwriting process.


There are then two possible processes.


Medically underwritten plans versus non-medical exam plans.


You can find more on no-medical exam plans here.


Medical exam life insurance process

The next big step with this option is the paramedical exam.


There is typically no cost associated with this exam.


The carrier contracts with companies that schedule an appointment with you to complete a blood test and physical exam at your location.

Such issues as high cholesterol, blood panel irregularities, height/weight can be detected and factored in the carrier's final rate offer and/or the ability to qualify.


It's not uncommon for a person to discover a previously unknown health issue as a result of such tests.


The application and the paramedical test make up the primary parts of the term life insurance enrollment process.

The time it takes to process and receive back a decision depends on the carrier and your given health situation.


Either way, we as licensed term life insurance agents are here to help assist you with this process.


Just call 800-710-0455 or email us.


With 25+ years experience, we can quickly find the best life insurance value for you.


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