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Your Complete Guide to No Medical Exam Life Insurance

no medical exam life insurance online


One of the most dreaded parts of buying life insurance is the medical exam.


It takes forever to schedule and process


All kinds of surprises come out which raise life insurance rates or worst yet"¦

Bar us from getting coverage


White coat syndrome works great with the blood pressure cuff


Let's not forget the actual removal of blood!


Okay...so no real fans out there.


Good news is that life insurance is quickly entering a new phase.


Once everyone can get behind!


Enter the era of no medical exam or guaranteed acceptance life!


It was bound to happen.


We'll explain the how's and but more importantly the whys!

Why look at no-medical exam life insurance to save money and time.


We'll cover these topics in depth but we can always go through your situation for any questions.


With 25+ years experience minimum, your rep will quickly be able to see if no medical life insurance is the right fit.


You can jump to any of these sections below:

  • Life before non-medical life (aka Dinosaur life insurance)
  • What is no medical exam life insurance
  • Who can get no medical life
  • Is guaranteed acceptance the same thing as no medical exam?
  • Which carriers offer life insurance without medical exams
  • Is there also life insurance available without health questions?
  • Carrier comparison for no medical exam life
  • Term versus Whole or Universal without exam
  • How much life can we get without medical exam
  • What are age restrictions for no medical exam
  • Is there no medical exam life for seniors?
  • Who has best rates for non medical exam coverage
  • How fast is the turn around for non-exam life
  • What do the carriers look at if not blood test and exam
  • How to quote no medical life
  • How to enroll in no medical life


You can always quote the no-medical exam rates here:


Free online term life insurance quote


Let's get started.


We'll begin with a blood draw.


Just kidding!!


But seriously, make a fist.


Life before non-medical exam options


Let's go back just 5-10 years.


There are dozens (maybe thousands) of websites that will give you instant life insurance quotes.

Our does!


So you go through, pick out the lowest priced plan based on your situation and all done.


If only!


Really, you're about 10% there.


Those rates aren't likely the actually the rates you'll be offered.


Unfortunately, it's not that easy.


Next comes underwriting in most cases


Underwriting is the process by which the carrier estimates your actual health and risk.


Remember that section where you choose "Super duper excellent health" from the dropdown?


Unless you were doing that from a treadmill, sipping green tea, in size boy's medium pants...the actual rates might be quite different.


The worst part about this whole process was the medical exam.


You have to schedule a nurse to come to your house or work to conduct an in-person exam.

No lie-detector machines (yet) but not much fun.

Let's not forget drawing blood just to make the whole process completely unpleasant.


Well, 9 times out of 10, something is going to come up from that exam.


Probably something you didn't even know about.


  • Cholesterol's a little high.
  • What about that glucose number.
  • Ummm...you're left arm is purple.


Not only did this part of the process take forever (average 6-8 weeks total process), but quite often, the rates would come back quite higher.


Three different flavors of bad.


Slow. Painful. Expensive.


Some carrier decided to try something new.


No Medical Exam Life Insurance!


What's the deal there?


What is no-medical exam life insurance


For most carriers, it's simple.


  • There is no nurse coming to the house.
  • No in person medical examination.
  • No blood drawn.
  • A chicken in every pot.


Okay, maybe not that far but it was a huge deal.


For life insurance anyway.


Why would the carriers do this especially since the exam was pretty good at catching things?

We are talking about a lot of money?




Basically, the life insurance space is very competitive.

You can see all the rates side by side.

The carriers needed to cut cost and run very lean.


The paramedical exam (no relationship to paramilitary exam) is expensive.





Plus...the carriers can find all kinds of information on health from other sources now.


The first no-medical exam policies were more more expensive and had serious limits.

Those have largely gone away.


Now, expedited life insurance underwriting has become just a layered approach available to certain applicants.


We'll talk about that next.

Who is eligible for non-medical exam life insurance


We still have to walk through some hoops.


But it's much easier and faster.


Most of the enrollment is now online or by phone with an expert agent.


Here's the deal.


There are now over a dozen carriers that offer some version of no medical exam.


We'll compare them below.


Each has their own little niches and particulars.

  • One looks at height/weight more seriously.
  • One is fixated (I mean fixated) on driving record.
  • Another doesn't seem to like people in their 50's.


They won't say it outright but their rates do.


That's where we come in.


The average experience is 25+ years in life insurance.


That's longer than most marriages!


It's sad but it makes us really good at figuring out who will give the best rates.

Even for non-medical exam.


There's no cost for our assistance at 800 or email us. You can always run your instant quote here:


Free online term life insurance quote


So let's look at the factors that figure into qualifying for non-medical.


Key factors for non-medical life qualification:

  • Age
  • Conditions Medical questionnaire
  • Height/Weight
  • Driving Record
  • Criminal Record
  • Prescriptions and Medical Records
  • Bankruptsy
  • DUI
  • Other life insurance declinations, revocation, etc
  • Favorite Color


Everything but the last one...but seriously"¦.Purple??


You can get basic detail on these categories below in the non-medical exam carrier comparison.


Now if your head sank after reading one of these, don't get too depressed.


There are always options!


Call us first to go over your situation.

If there's an angle, we'll find it.


Life insurance is not uniform as it appears.

There are options for almost everyone.


You just have to know where to look.


Online quotes won't show you that nuance unfortunately.


We will! Our service is 100% free to you.


Is Guaranteed Acceptance life the same as non-medical?


Yes and no.


Guaranteed acceptance is sometimes cross-used to describe a subset of non-medical exam.

Basically, guaranteed acceptance is life insurance with little if no medical underwriting.


Usually, just a few basic health questions online or by phone and we have an answer.




No one is declined coverage and we generally have an answer back in minutes.

What's the catch?


Limits on Face Amounts


Guaranteed issue plans generally have face values from $5 - $50K.

There are other options for higher amounts but they're really expensive.


Limits on Payout


Also, the benefit is usually tiered.

This means that the life benefit increases with time on the policy.


For example, if you buy $50K term guaranteed issue for 10 years, you might get $10K if you pass away in the first 2 years and so on.


Each carrier asks different questions so let us know what your potential issue might be.

We can match that with the best carrier and even look at fully insured or non-medical.


There's no reason to chase your wheels on plans you can't or shouldn't get.


Use us! 25+ years experience for a product you may have for decades!


Quote guaranteed acceptance life insurance here:

Free online term life insurance quote


Which carriers offer non-medical life insurance


Here's a short list below.

Make sure to check out the comparison two sections down!

List of Non Medical Life Carriers:

  • Banner
  • North American
  • Prudential Life
  • Lincoln
  • Principle
  • Assurity
  • Transamerica
  • John Hancock
  • American National
  • Sagicor
  • Forrester
  • Gerber ($150K)
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Fidelity


This list is constantly changing (mainly growing) so check with us directly.


You can quote all the no-exam life carriers side by side but we're happy to find the best one for you.


It generally takes a few minutes of questions to narrow down the options.


Each carrier has certain profiles that they work better with.

  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Legal History



Run your quote here to get started:

Free online term life insurance quote

Is there also life insurance available with no health questions?




There are two important caveats though.


  • The amount of life available is generally very low.
  • The benefits are graded which means that they increase with each year.


No life insurance company is going to offer no question, full coverage for obvious reasons.


It would attract very risky applicants and soon be out of business.


The no questions life insurance does provide an option for people who just can't qualify for full life insurance or even no medical exam insurance.

You can request information on this option by email or complete the quote and make a note of it in the notes section here:

No Medical Life Insurance Quote

Carrier comparison for no medical exam life insurance


This is what most people are looking for online.

That being said, each person's profile is completely different.


One carrier may be more lenient on height/weight, less so on smoking, and pretty poorly priced for cholesterol.


It's that specific!


We would need a giant map to show all the peculiarities of each carrier cross referenced by all the potential items they view.


Rather than do that, we take our 25+ years experience and address each person's situation directly.


It takes 5 minutes!


That's the beauty of helping 10's of thousands of people find life coverage.

We know what to ask. What to consider. What to recommend.


There's no cost for our assistance. Zero!



Here's the general comparison for the no medical exam products and carriers:


Comparison of non-medical exam life insurance carriers



This comparison changes all the time so call us or email us for up to the date info.


Term versus Whole or Universal Life without medical exam


First, is there whole and universal life available without exam?




What makes the most sense?


This goes back to the whole question of term versus whole or universal life.


The "no exam" variant applies equally regardless of the type of life.


It's a question of being able to qualify for the fully underwritten plans and still get a good rate.


It's also a question of amount of coverage a person needs.


Most people can find adequate coverage with no exam options.


Back to term versus whole or universal.


First of all, a quick refresher"...


Term life

Term life is coverage you get for a specific period of time and and specific amount of coverage.


Let's say $500K for 15 years.


It's generally much better priced (10x's better) but it goes away after 15 years.


Let's think of it as "renting" life insurance.


Whole life


Whole life is coverage that you pay into and build up the face value of coverage over time.


It's much more expensive but the benefit never goes away.


It starts small and grows with time.

You actually build up a cash value over time which you can borrow against.


Whole life has largely fallen out of favor due to cost and the small face value you start with.


It does work for certain situations but term is the go to generally.


Universal life

Universal is very similar to Whole life but with a dash of flexibility.


You typically see flexibility in the following with Universal life:

  • Premium you pay
  • Benefit available to you
  • Interest rate paid on the policy


Universal has become much more popular than Whole life for "permanent" life policies (as opposed to term life).

It's the flexibility and cost that attract more people there.


Term definitely dominates the life insurance market though.


You can quote all three types here:

Free online term life insurance quote


Of course, we're happy to walk through which type of policy might work best for you.

How much life insurance can I get without a medical exam?


This is one of the trade-offs with no medical life.

There are caps on the face value amount we can get.


Good news is that these amounts generally fit the bill for most Americans.


There's still a wide swath of the US that has NO life insurance.


  • No protection for family members.
  • No estate to leave loved ones.


Caps on face value is the least of the problems for millions of Americans.

So how much can we get?


Most of the carriers generally cap out around $500K.


There are a few carriers that will actually go higher depending on the person's situation.


If you need more, we can look at this aspect.


We can even combine policies to attain a higher amount from different carriers.


Expect a max range of $500k for non-exam term life.

What are the age restrictions for no-medical exam life?


Each carrier has different rules.


We can get no medical exam life insurance up to 80 years so that's good news.


Beyond age 80, we'll have to look at other options but they're there!


Run your senior life insurance quote here.


This brings up a popular question we get often...

What about seniors?


Is there no medical exam life for Seniors?



Up to a certain age.


We have access up to age 80 for no medical term life for seniors.

Beyond 80, we'll have to look at more specialized options on the market.


Age 80 takes us pretty far into the senior range though so that's good news!


Since age is the primary driver of cost with life insurance, we'll also compare to see if there are traditional term or universal life options that might price better based on your health situation.


i.e. standard life might be cheaper than non-medical even with health concerns for senior life insurance.


It's more important than ever to show when you're a senior!

Which life carrier has the best rates for non-medical exam plans?


Like with everything in life...it depends!

Each carrier has carved out relative niches that they price better in.


Here are the factors they each consider:


  • Age of applicant
  • Face value of coverage
  • Heatlh status
  • Height/weight
  • Life style choices (tobacco, alcohol)
  • Criminal record
  • Financial record (bankruptsy, etc)
  • Medical records/history


So...how to proceed??


Call us at 800-710-0455 or email us.


With a quick 5 minute question/answer session, we can quickly narrow down the option to the best carrier and plan.

It's what we do!


It's what we've done for 10's of 1000's of life policies.


There's no cost for this assistance and our #1 goal is to find you the BEST priced plan.


It's in our interest too!

If you don't have the best price, you'll cancel.


That's bad for you and bad for us.


We want to find the policy you'll want to keep!

How fast is the turnaround for non-medical exam coverage?




Some of the carriers will even send a confirmation back in minutes online.


Others may take a few days.


Occasionally, if we have a more involved client situation, we'll see 1-2 weeks.


Most happen within days!


It's so refreshing compared to the months we typically wait for standard life insurance with medical exams.


What do carriers look for if no blood test or paramedical exam?


There's quite a bit they can actually consider.


Here are the main contributors to their decision:

  • Height/Weight,
  • Medical questionaire on application (medical conditions, history, family history, etc)
  • Life style questionaire on application (tobacco, gambling, alchohol, drug use, etc)
  • Legal history (bankruptcy, raffic violations, criminal history, etc)
  • Automotive history (violations, speeding, crashes, etc)
  • Medical Records (MIB, pings on national claims database, etc)


Those are the main areas that they typically take into consideration since there's no medical exam.


It's actually pretty interesting because they can make a pretty informed decision from the above areas.


Otherwise, the product wouldn't exist at all!


How to quote no medical exam life insurance


It's easy!


Here's what we recommend:

  • Run your instant quote here to get a sense of the rates and carriers
  • Then call 800-710-0455 with any questions
  • Speak with an expert advisor with over 25+ years experience
  • After 5 minutes, your advisor will be able to narrow down the lowest priced options based on YOUR health status


That's it!


Remember...the rates you see ANYWHERE are just ballpark numbers.


Very rarely do people correctly estimate their correct health rating.


This can swing rates significantly.


More importantly, it affects which carrier to go with.


There's no way to do that correctly online.

You need guidance.


There is ZERO cost for our assistance as licensed life agents.


Call 800-710-0455 or email.

How to enroll in non-medical exam life


With total hand-holding!


Here are the steps we recommend to make it as painless as possible:

  • Call 800-710-0455 to speak with your dedicate enroller
  • Most enrollments take 10-15 minutes by phone
  • Voice signature by phone is also available


Why by phone??


The enrollment by phone generally saves an average of 45 minutes of you doing it by yourself.


Whether old-fashion forms or online forms, life insurance apps are never fun.


We know what sections to skip, answer, and speed through.


More importantly...


We generally catch items during this process that might steer you to a better-priced plan!


It happens about 1 out of 5 applications.


Even after we discussed health situations!


Invaluable process.


If you find the best quote online and then just apply, you'll never know that there was a better option based on how you answered the bankruptcy question!


We will.

That's our job.

It's a free service to you. 100%


Wrap for non-medical exam life


We covered a lot.

But it was needed!


You're also looking to cover a lot.

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Mortgage
  • Living Expenses


Non-medical exam life policies have become an important tool towards this.


It works if our past and present isn't completely spotless and let's face it!


That's all of us!


It's also incredibly fast and easy to turn around.


Did we mention that you don't have to have blood drawn and suffer through a medical exam!

White coat issues gone. CHECK!


The entire industry is moving this direction.


Rather than being a one-off from life insurance...it's becoming the mainstream method of qualifying applicants.


This is good news for everyone!


Call us at 800-710-0455 or email us to see if no-medical exam life works for you!

With 25+ years experience, we can quickly find the best life insurance value for you.


term life insurance guidance and help


You can run your No Medical Exam Life Quote to view rates and plans


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-710-0455 Today!



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