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Will I find better rates for a given term policy if I shop around? 
No.  Making sure to compare apples and apples (age, area, health status, etc), you will get the best term life rate for a given plan at Etermlifeinsurancequote.com when you run your term insurance quote.  The carriers do not offer discounts to certain agents or quoting services so you can feel confident that the best rates are here at one site across multiple carriers and plans.  Keep in mind that ultimately, it is the life insurance company that makes an offer and their rate might be different than the quote.  This is no different through us or any other source however.

How do we get paid? 
Independent agents like us receive a commission from the carrier similar to travel agents.  This commission is the same for all agents so there's no reason to go somewhere else.  This commission allows us to provide cutting edge quoting and membership capabilities but at absolutely no cost to you.  We are an impartial third party solely concerned with helping you find the most affordable life insurance plan to fit your needs.

Is there a fee to apply through you?
No.  In fact, you will have a 10 day free look period from when the the carrier comes back with an offer to cancel the policy never effective. 

It's important to understand how we are able to offer this rate guarantee in order to make an educated decision on where to purchase term insurance.  The first question is how are we paid as independent brokers?

We do not charge a fee for our service.  There is no separate charge to apply for a given life insurance plan through our agency.  Period.  We are paid like travel agent via a commission from the life insurance carrier.  The commission paid by the life insurance carriers are fairly comparable so there's no incentive to with any particular plan or carrier from our perspective.  In fact, the best approach for us is if you go with the lowest priced plan offered by a solid carrier.  You're more likely to keep the policy and remain a valuable client of ours.  It's that simple.  We are independent brokers which means we can deal with all the carriers.  This is different from "captive brokers" which essentially sell and market one carrier's products.  It's hard to see how this will be in your interest as the consumer.  As we discussed in our articles on getting the best term life rates, you need all the options from an impartial source (us!). 

The important thing to understand is the rate will be identical whether you go through us, another broker, or direct to the carrier.  Hopefully, we have provided the online tools and information to you so that understand our value as your professional life insurance agent.  You can always contact the carrier with a question but we are here a third party (and a much more accessible one at that) to help with any questions or concerns.  Keep in mind that the carrier are typically large companies and it sometimes be unwieldly to contact them as you're probably familiar with from dealing with other large companies (i.e. the phone or utility company).  The life insurance market isn't exactly "progressive" although they're getting better.  Let us help!  It's at no cost to you since the commission is not in addition to your core premium.  I don't understand why people would go direct since they're paying the same price but are stuck with the call centers that commonly handle questions and issues.  Let us do the leg work for you.  Unless of course, you like pressing 3 then 2 then 4 with the automated phone system donning a british accent!



We guarantee you are getting best term life insurance rate on the market for a given company and plan based on your specific information (age, area, health class, tobacco use, etc). 

                           WE GUARANTEE IT


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