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Transamerica Trendsetter Term Life Insurance

The signature term life product from a trusted source
This information is current as of 11-09 and it's best to request current information from us

Everyone knows the triangular building that represents Transamerica.  It's a veritable icon and for good reason.  Transamerica is a strong and steady life insurance carrier.  Backing this reputation for stability is their core term life product, the Trendsetter Super plan.

Premium Bands
Band 1: $100,000-$249,999
Band 2: $250,000-$499,999
Band 3: $500,000-$999,999
Band 4: $1,000,000+

Payment Modal Factors
Semi-annual = Direct & PAC =.510 Quarterly = Direct & PAC =.260 Monthly = Direct* & PAC =.0875

Annual Policy Fee:  $30

  Product Names
Trendsetter Super 10
Trendsetter Super 15
Trendsetter Super 20
Trendsetter Super 25
Trendsetter Super 30

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Our Take on Transamerica's Trendsetter Super Term
It's definately a solid term life option on the market resulting from the financial strength of the carrier.  If you run your quote and the Trendsetter Super is priced well for your given demographics (age, health, gender, area, etc), then it's hard to beat such a strong carrier.  The annual fee (although not the critical concern when shopping for term life) is one of the lowest on the market. 


Trendsetter Super Term Health Classes

Preferred Plus
Preferred Nonsmoker
Preferred Smoker
Standard Plus
Standard Nonsmoker
Standard Smoker

Available Trendsetter Super Term Riders and Options:

Industry Leading Maximum Issue Ages

Income Protection Option

TOP 25 Program

Waiver of policy fee on second contract when multiple contracts are simultaneously applied for and placed on same insured.

Band breaks as applicable on multiple contracts issued simultaneously.

Age-Nearest birthday issue age

Discount Factors for Advanced Premium Payments

Waiver of Premium Rider

Substandard Premiums: Substandard premiums are available on all term products; table extra premiums are 25% additional per table, based on the standard (smoker and nonsmoker) rates.

Waiver of policy fee on second contract when multiple contracts are simultaneously applied for and placed on same.

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Transamerica Logo

Transamerica Life Insurance Co
Address1 4333 Edgewood Rd. NE
Address2 Home Office
City Cedar Rapids
State IA
Zip 52499
PhoneNum 319-398-8511


Rating Agency Rating Category Rating
A.M. Best Financial Strength A
Standard & Poor's Financial Strength AA-
Moody's Financial Strength A1
Fitch Financial Strength AA
Administrative Office
P O Box 419521
Kansas City, MO 64141-6521
(800) 295-3911
















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